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Our bodies store cellular memories of events, traumas and injuries that we've experienced, sometimes at a deep sub-conscious level. Some memories are from our current life, yet some aren't. One explanation is that they come from past lives. Animals often tell me about incidents that happened to them in another time and place. Many times they remember their people from 'before'.

In order to resolve a current behavior or health issue, we have to find the trigger for it. And that trigger may have happened a long time ago...

Cocoa, lahsa apso dog, suddenly developed an intense fear of water. She had never had a problem before with baths, the swimming pool, or showers. But now, if they went into the bathroom to take a shower, Cocoa was terrified and ran to hide. If they went outside to enjoy the pool, Cocoa, horrified would bark frantically behind the door, afraid to come outside. When they came in wet from the pool, she was afraid of them until they changed clothes.

The owner, Dee, said nothing traumatic had happened prior to her unusual behavior. Cocoa was fine the day before. The next day, she was afraid. Could I help?

We needed to first talk with Cocoa. Animals do what seems right to them given their instinct, experience and training. Sharing her viewpoint would help us resolve the problem.

Cocoa told me the water terrified her with an unreasoning kind of fear. Desperately afraid that her humans would drown or be harmed, she felt out of control and helpless. The images she showed me were confusing, painful and traumatic. To further complicate the matter, what I was intuiting had no obvious connection with her current life or history! This suggested we were dealing with a past life memory, possibly triggered by a current event(s).

Many of our powerful gut-reactions, phobias, attitudes and emotions seem to come from nowhere, and we are helpless to change how we feel or think. We react without truly understanding why.

Since Cocoa was unable to discuss the situation and her fears rationally, I suggested to Dee that we try the BodyTalk System healing therapy to help her resolve and balance the deep-seated fears.

Through the BodyTalk System, Cocoa's Innate bodymind wisdom (the part that heals us when sick or injured, and knows the multiple causal factors for dis-ease) guided us through the 8th Chakra Portal into the past.

"The 8th Chakra relates to the concept that at birth we are already "programmed" with many traits of behavior, attitudes, fears, phobias, illnesses and beliefs from our parents, ancestors, religions and previous lives.

"When addressing the 8th Chakra we are utilizing a concept that there is an 8th Chakra [energetic center] located just above the head, and that it contains the essence of this programming. Whether this is the case, or whether the programming is only in our genetic code, or both, is debatable. The important thing is that when we use this concept, results occur." [The BodyTalk System, Module 6 manual, by Dr John Veltheim]

Cocoa remembered being a dog on a ship at sea during a terrible storm where the ship broke apart and she was injured then thrown overboard to drown. She remembered feeling helpless, watching her humans getting hurt and drowning. The ship had been under attack and there were bad people killing and destroying her family and crew. She felt powerless and terrified, everything beyond her control.

Through the BodyTalk System we released the memories and balanced her brain at all levels, helping her cope with the emotional triggers of panic, terror and fear, and being out of control.

Within a week, Dee told me that Cocoa had willingly joined them in their swimming pool, allowing her husband to help her swim! Nothing had changed in their management of her, except our conversation and the BodyTalk therapy.

The BodyTalk System is a state-of-the-art, safe and effective holistic therapy that allows the body's energy systems to be re-synchronized so they operate as nature intended. Each system and cell is designed to constantly communicate with each other at all times, allowing adaptability and flexibility. Various life stressors compromise these lines of communication, leading to a decline in physical, emotional and/or mental health. Reconnecting these lines of communication enables the body's mechanisms to function at optimal levels, preventing disease and rapidly accelerating the healing process.

We are designed to heal and rebalance rapidly and quickly - it is a matter of survival. When we don't, that tells us there is something in the way that is unresolved and not at peace, something that stops us from being well and whole, living a life full of purpose, clarity and prosperity.

"The Issues are in the Tissues" means that the wisdom of the bodymind knows exactly what is wrong, where it is stored and why. Our job is to listen and learn from it, to use our waiting time productively. When we do, amazing things can happen!

Yes, I work with animals -- but I help YOU regain your sanity, balance and clarity.

One of my clients recently experienced, in just a one hour session: life counseling, diet and nutritional adjustments for herself and her cat, overall healing and rebalancing for herself and her cat, a quick chat with her dog, plus she had a shamanic experience where she met her animal teacher guide/totem, and also received a message from her deceased father! Wow!

The Bottom Line: If you are not healing quickly and easily, are not resilient and adaptable, or are not enjoying your life -- then there is something blocking you. I am trained to discover and help you resolve that, and with your help and commitment to the process, you can expect to see things improve -- sometimes dramatically and quickly, other times more slowly and surely.



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