Expert Author Val Heart

Did you know that animals have philosophies of life that are as profound as any master teachings? I once spoke with a Burmese mountain dog and what he told me about living a good life was as insightful and beautiful as any I've ever heard.

* We are here to enjoy life fully - deeply experiencing the fun and playfulness of being.

* Our job is to love others unconditionally; to have compassion and tolerance for all other Beings.

* We are all one and can feel the joy of being connected.

* Others are here to play with and enjoy.

* It's important to forgive and let go quickly, so we can get back to the game.

* It's important to connect ourselves with the energies of the planet and other species.

* A walk isn't just about exercise or relief; it's about feeling the wind and sun, savoring flavors, smelling new smells, being invigorated by life and others, creating new, fun games to play, and most of all, loving each other and sharing joy.

So many times since then, I have been reminded of these loving, kind, wise words and they have transformed my mood and attitude, enriching the quality of my life. I hope they speak to you on your path as well.

Learning to communicate telepathically and share life experiences with other Beings is a priceless gift.

It allows us to better understand that we are not alone, that we are connected, and that we can help each other.

Communicating intimately with other species also enriches our own lives through the sharing of our experiences with one another. Many companion animals choose to spend their lives attempting to break through our barriers, help us heal and become reconnected with all of Life and our Divine Nature.



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